Lab taking a break. Will notify when reopen.

New time starting Jan 29.

Lab will be 6:45-8:15 starting Jan 29.

New Year, Taiji Lab in 2013

Taiji Lab starts new year with FRESH Festival ( First Lab in 2013 is on Jan 1st. What a way to start a new year:) New time is Tue nights 6:30-8:00pm. KUNST-STOFF arts Underground. Originally developed as a form of martial arts, Taiji is practiced today more for its health value. Yet there is rich movement concept and exploration hidden behind the smooth form.

Holidays and new year

The lab will continue for the first two Tuesdays in Dec (12/4, 12/11). We will take a break from 12/15-12/31.

The lab will resume on 1/1/2003 as part of FRESH FESTIVAL by la ALTERNATIVA & Alternative Conservatory.

Starding new year, the Lab will be 6:30-8:00pm Tuesday nights.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Lab continues...

Taiji Lab continues this October... Tue 7pm-8:30pm KUNST-STOFF arts underground.

What do you think. How does empty mind relate, or not relate to creativity?


One essential concept in Taiji is emptiness, from which the energy and creativity grow. The emptiness receives what's coming, dissolves it, and then returns in a different, unpredictable form.

Paco has a different description of it from a western perspective, after watching some Taiji in action. He thinks the center of body in Taiji is like a black hole in the sky, that absorbs everything nearby, turn it into primary particles and then eject in unison.

That is one great translation of a difficult concept between two cultures.

Metal at Dance mission

We performed Metal the 4th element at DanceWright Project 2012 at Dance Mission the past weekend. It has received positive nod from SFGate:

..."Weidong Yang's Metal, the Fourth Element. After a solo sword dance by the choreographer, the space came alive with 10 men who spiced their movement with martial arts confrontations. They raised the temperature in the room by several degrees"...

Lab continues in September

The time is still 7-8:30pm at KUNST-STOFF arts.

Judging vs observing

Some thought on differences between judging and observing:

Judging relies on predefined dimension and concept; Observing is about discovering new dimension and new concept.

Judging is an act of measurement, observing is to see what to measure. 

The metrics used for judging often influence the result (You get what you are measuring for. Think exams in school). But without metrics, it will be chaos.

Judging is important for building things, while observing is essential for getting the idea of what to build.

Taiji Lab June, July, August

The Lab will be shifted to 7:00-8:30pm Tue nights for June, July and August. It's $10 per class, $30 monthly pass, $80 for the whole three months.
The class is usually conducted in three parts. Warm up and Qi Gong exercises, TaiJi forms and application, Taiji push hand for connections and improvisation. Usually half hour each. The goal is to introduce movement practice and theories from Taiji and Internal Martial arts, explore efficient movement, whole body connection, connection to others, and improvisation through connection.


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